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For the sake of an angel
One may tolerate a world of demons
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25th-Sep-2030 01:10 pm - CRIT POST AND CONTACT
This is the crit and contact post for Jean-Antoinette "Reinette" Poisson // Mme. de Pompadour @ polychromatic and anteceded.

Comments screened, anon allowed. Comments MAY be unscreened as they are answered. If anything's been bothering you about my characterization, just let me know! Or if there's anything else you'd like to say, go for it. Promise I won't bite~

[AIM] mai libera
[GMAIL] prefaced
[LJ] slutty
[4th Wall] A-ok!
calling me away
5th-Jul-2030 01:17 pm(no subject)
Reinette's Inbox
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The person you are trying to reach is unavailable.
Please leave a message.
calling me away
15th-Aug-2010 01:52 am - {20} - voice;
It is a bittersweet moment when someone you care for has returned home. On the one hand, home is where they belong. Where they are destined to do greater things. On the other-

[ A small pause. ]

Afternoon tea is postponed until further notice.

[ ooc; backdated to the 9th, if you please! ]
i would wait
25th-Jul-2010 01:55 pm - {19} - voice;
[ Filtered from Angela and Chase // Unhackable by Jarvis's codes ]

Now that that wretched noise has stopped, I might finally gather my thoughts in a more organized manner.

I would not consider myself naive, but I feel I have not been close enough attention to events as of late. Those I would consider friends are acting strangely and now it seems a young girl may have been taken. I have spent the better part of the afternoon scouring the network to try to form some sort of explanation for these goings-on, but I cannot. This all seems a little out of the ordinary, even for the City. If anyone has any sort of idea as to what seems to be happening, I would be most grateful if you were to let me on to it.

[ Filtered to Cain ]

A word please, Lord Cain.

[ooc; Links are all ooc reference! ]
and I along the slow path
17th-Jul-2010 04:10 pm - {18} - video;
[ At first the screen is filled with the image of feathers, as she struggles to not only turn on her device, but orient it properly as well. One she's satisfied with the position, she scoots back, and the image of a feather duster fills the screen. ]

I imagine in the future I should be sure to find myself in a safe place just before midnight hits. Just so I do not find myself stuck in a particularly unsavory location in a just as unsavory position until the next stroke of midnight.

I suppose the City was aiming for irony with this curse, as I have been in the library all night, tending to the clean up. There is a rather copious amount of dust about the place, most of it ash.

[ A sigh. ]

What does one do in this state? I suppose I could take advantage of the situation and tidy up a bit more. On the other hand, it seems a bit strange to dust with oneself. Hm.

[ She tuts and the recording cuts off. ]

[ooc; Reinette is curse as part of Tony's curse. Post and run, work! But please pretend the facial expression of the duster actually... changes, since in the movie it's stuck on a perpetual 8D ]
calling me away
10th-Jul-2010 12:52 pm - {17} - voice;
There is a crowd of young girls surrounding the TARDIS, all crying out for the Doctor. I have no idea what is going on today, though the network suggests that it is a reoccurring influx of temporary visitors.

Either way, I have retreated to the library, where I will likely bide my time until they leave. Tea will be canceled for the day.
calling me away
6th-Jul-2010 04:55 pm - {16} - video;
[ The first few moments of the video feed are shaky as Reinette fumbles with the "video" option. As it steadies, Rudy and Tianzi can be seen on screen, mamboing. Tianzi looks stressed, Rudy as bored as if he were reading the phonebook. Just as contrasting is their style of clothing: Tianzi's skirts skim the ground, while Rudy is decked out in a tee and jeans. ]

I don't believe I have ever seen you dance before, Rudy. You are quite good.

I don't dance. And spin.

Ah-! I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to step on your foot. Oh, I guess I was asking for this...

[ The video continues in the same vein for a few minutes until the song finishes. When Rudy realizes that Reinette has been recording the entire time, he shoots her a look and repeats: "I don't dance." ]

[ooc; Tianzi gets up during tea to fetch some sugar. The music begins to play, courtesy of the TARDIS. Rudy, struck by the beat, gets up and pulls Tianzi into a mambo. Black text is Reinette, blue is Rudy, and pink is Tianzi.

Bonus OOC from Rudy!mun: The dancing itself is curse-induced, but the mad dance skillz are 100% canon. Please feel free to hassle Rudy about this forever. ]
joy may be found
27th-Jun-2010 06:20 pm - {15} - voice;
This is unacceptable.

I should like to say that you should all be ashamed of yourselves, especially you, but I am quite sure you feel nothing but glee at the damage you have caused.

It is one thing to use curses to turn people in to animals, men into women, or trick them into thinking that they are married. But it is quite another to take advantage of them in such a state. You knew we were not of clear minds, and for that reason, any legal documents that were signed should be considered null and void immediately.

I imagine it should be fairly easy to undo that damage, though it will take a considerable amount of time to undo the damage to both mine and Tony's reputations, as well. I shall have to give a number of apologies and explanations to a lot of people for the trouble you have caused. As always, others are left to clean your refuse. I hope you are happy.

[ooc; OH GOD SO- Yesterday, Reinette and Tony were hit by the Family Curse and thought they were married. Only- The deity Sabine married them for real. Now it's the next day, and they are uncursed, but still married. An annulment will follow in the next few days, to be sure, but in the meantime, Reinette has to figure out how she's going to face all of her friends (especially Romana and the Doctors) after this. FIRST link is for ooc reference, but I'm sure everyone knows by now what she'd be referring to. :|a ]
calling me away
26th-Jun-2010 02:02 am - {14} - voice;
When I was a child, I looked forward to the future with an optimism that only a child can possess. I viewed everything with wide eyes and an open mind. I cared not much for the idea of fate: that no matter my actions, my future was set in stone. And as a child, I loved that uncertainty. I loved waking up every morning with the idea that I lived eached day as if writing the story of my life line by line, page by page.

It is interesting, really, how one's outlook on life changes between childhood and adulthood. Perspectives change, and not always for the better. I view the future now with a sort of fearful reverance. The future brought me an angel. Yet, it also brought me a nightmare and the idea that for some, the story of my life is already written, and I am doing little more than following the path to a predetermined outcome.

I believe I prefer an uncertain future to a certain one.

i would wait
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