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For the sake of an angel

One may tolerate a world of demons

Reinette // Mme. de Pompadour
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Reinette d'Etoilles, née Poisson,
Mme. de Pompadour

Born 1729 in Paris, France.

Mistress to King Louis XV.

Botanist, actress, and musician.

In love with the Fireplace Man who saved her life.

"She may seem like a [graceful] bird, but she's as tough as any soldier and she weighs her options like a silk merchant."

Dropped in the City; September 26th and again April 27th
Method of transport; Fireplace

Residence; Presently the TARDIS

Canon Relationships
The Doctor (Ten)

Blurring the Line
Romana | The Doctor (Eleven)

City Relationships
Rudy | Tony Stark | Tianzi |
Lord Cain | Yuri | Tarrant Hightopp | Lucy | Lilith

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Quotation from Servant of the Empire, by Raymond Feist and Janny Wurts, via prefers_chess.